Mastering the Master’s

When starting a project in general is important to create a framework for it and in my case the Master’s project will be a process of research, collaboration, co-creation and many reviews for the final outcome.
The first step for having an efficient framework and to keep everything well organised is to start from the understanding of the brief further on break it down into the questions that needs to be answered, learn about the client: MRCMH and his users in this case the young professionals, learn how public transportation works in Edinburgh and other cities.


Conducting a research in order to examine the city of Edinburgh resulted into the following set of information: according to statistics of UK Census the city of Edinburgh had a population of 448, 624 in 2001 with a rise of 7.1 % from 1991 and the continuous growth placed the population of 2011 at 495, 360 making the city of Edinburgh the second largest in Scotland after Glasgow. Another key aspect is that Edinburgh has a higher proportion of those aged 16 and 24 than the Scottish average.
For more insighful information I recommend the statistical bulletin Edinburgh by Numbers published by City of Edinburgh Council that can be visualised following this link.

Because Edinburgh keeps on growing and at the same time the traffic grows along and the number of commuters who come in the city every day the traffic becomes more and more busy.
One answer to that coming from the City Council is building the city tram line which is in process from 2011 until today but maybe adding another type of public transportation is not the best choice.
The pro’s and con’s are in balance for this initiative but important is that Edinburgh’s goal should be easing the movement of people not adding more transportation.

My proposal would be an integrated set of ideeas to adapt the current transportation system to improove its performance based on user needs.
The belief is that a more responsive, accessible and flexible system service and an improoved user experience ultimately leads to the means to meet the challenge : Keeping graduate’s green.

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